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#22 Vac Aero (2 Bar) 25 x 18 x 36 1500 lbs.

Nitrogen or Argon


#8 VFS 18 x 12 x 22 750 lbs.


#14 T-M Vacuum 8 x x 15 450 lbs.





Dear Prospective Customer


Thank you for your interest in Beehive which has been providing Heat Treating services throughout CT, NY, and MA since 1945.


Over the years, we’ve developed a keen understanding of importance of quality workmanship and prompt deliveries. That’s why our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction are unsurpassed in the industry. You can rely on the fact that no one will do more to ensure you the product you need when you need it.


I look forward to working with you and counting you among our most valued customers.




Barry Brown



Approve By:

United Technologies Northrop Grumman, Perkin-Elmer

Arkin Industries, Van Dusen & Meyer Inc.

 Lacey Manufacturing, U.S. Surgical, Pitney Bowes

General Electric


Military Specifications:

MIL-H-6875 ·  MIL-I-45208A ·  MIL-S-6090 MIL-H-60886 · STD-4566 · MIL-Q-9858

 MIL-S-50000 · MIL-H-7199


Federal Firearms License (FFL) - Heat Treating of Firearms



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